10 Spiritual Items I Can't Live Without

10 Spiritual Items I Can't Live Without

We are in the midst of the greatest global awakening of our time. Finally! With that can come some anxiety on where to start. Beginning a spiritual practice as a newly awakened person can be quite intimidating when on your own. There’s a lot coming at you and you’re not sure where to begin. Have no fear, your friendly neighborhood shaman is here!

I believe a spiritual practice is something that is deeply sacred and personal to each individual. It’s good to try new things and research what feels exciting to your soul. If it’s exciting, that typically means that it resonates and may be connected to a past life or deep soul level knowledge you’re ready to unlock. So, these are my personal favorite and beginner friendly essentials and how I use them:

1. Spiritual colognes 

I love spiritual colognes! These are just as they’re titled, colognes in a plastic or glass bottle. You can add them to water or your normal cleaning mixture and wipe down your home and altars. Some colognes can be used to summon ancestors and friendly spirits when left as an offering. They can be added to a spiritual bath or worn as a perfume. Rub a little in your hands or body to cleanse and prepare your energy before a ritual. Put a bit in your washing machine to supercharge your clothing for protection or manifesting. There are so many different types for numerous purposes, everything from winning the lottery to breaking a hex. 

My essential and multipurpose colognes are as follows:

  • Florida water - this is like a one size meets all spiritual cologne. This is the most well known. The one that usually begins the spiritual cologne rabbit hole. Florida water cleanses the energy of your aura and home like sage. It is also used as an offering to the dead. Put a shot glass full of it on your ancestor altar to summon friendly spirits.
  • Rue water - Rue is a powerful uncrossing and protective herb. Probably one of the most commonly used in protective and spell breaking blends. Its cologne is used in a similar fashion, for protection against unwanted energy and breaking of hexes. Rue water is especially handy when overcoming money blocks. I like to pour some directly on the floor here and there then steam mop over it, spreading it around the room. I put a little on a damp cloth and use it to dust around my office as well.
  • Kananga water - Kananga water is similar to Florida water, with a slightly different scent and history. Florida Water’s main fragrance is a sweet orange scent and made its original debut in New York in the 1800s. Kananga Water is a ylang ylang cologne created by the British in Jamaica around the same time. This makes it very popular among those with African ancestry. It can be used all the same ways as Florida water and is my ancestor’s favorite offering. They prefer this to Florida water, as do I, but try them out and find your own preferences.



2. Incense

Ah, incense. The essential to any hippie's arsenal. I have had a long love affair with incense beginning in high school. Well, it's not just a weird smelling stick for the stoners, ladies and gentlemen, it has all the same uses as smudge sticks when you find the right kind (we'll get to those later). Head over to your locally owned spiritual shop and you'll find a big selection of incense for any and every purpose.

sidenote - if you're unable to head to a spiritual store, opt for a dragon's blood (protection and purification) or patchouli (abundance and prosperity) blend. These can usually be found at most grocery stores and although not the best quality, still can be used in a pinch!

Once you’ve had enough of the stick incense and you’re ready to graduate to the next level, try resin and loose incense. Its smoke has the same effect, but it is burned on a hot coal. This method requires a fire safe bowl or cauldron (go for the cauldron if you want to feel like a real witch/wizard). 

Something I recommend to all my customers is the use of a petition with my spiritual candles, asking spirit specifically what you want to do with this spell and your intentions. I’m often asked what to do with the petitions when the candle has burned. My favorite way to dispose of a petition is to mix it with a corresponding loose incense and burn it during a new or full moon. I take the ashes and bury my intention outside when completed. I highly recommend this method if you were one of those strange kids that really enjoyed fire like I did.


4. Smudge stick

Cleanse your space and person with the sacred smoke of a smudge stick. Open all the doors and windows in your home and light the stick. If you want to get rid of negative energy, move counterclockwise around your home, getting the smoke in and under everything. Go clockwise if you are trying to bring in new energy, like for a manifestation ritual. After you’ve completed your home, cleanse yourself with the smoke. Begin at the crown of your head and move down, smudging the bottoms of your feet last. Leave the windows and doors open for at least 20 minutes to allow the negative energy and spirits time to exit, carried away with the smoke.

This is traditionally done with white sage, but there is some controversy surrounding the commercial use of both white sage and palo santo, as the popularity of these sacred plants have increased prices and made it difficult for indigenous people to purchase and utilize these in their ancient traditions. Since the idea of smudging originated with the indigenous tribes, we want to make sure we are purchasing white sage and palo santo from responsible sources. If not, I’ve listed some alternatives that work just as well!

    • Sage - all purpose cleansing
    • Palo Santo - lightens the mood and dispels negative energy
    • Cedar - similar to palo santo, but especially good for attracting prosperity and good health
    • Juniper - blessings for new beginnings
    • Yerba Santa - purification and power. Also be used to manifest love and personal growth.


5. Crystals

Crystals! Or as the nonbelievers call them, colored rocks. Crystals have been found to carry an electrical current, like plants, animals, and humans. They’re living beings and each carry their own individual frequency. By holding a crystal on your person, that frequency will influence your overall vibration. Some use them in drinking water or baths, but take heed, some are not safe in water. Do a little googling before submerging any of your pretty stones. (Or check out my crystal imbedded coasters).

My favorite way to find crystals is to choose them solely on what draws my eye. I take a picture of the name and then later after my purchase, usually when I get home, I look up the uses of that crystal online. It has always been exactly what I needed at that time. My anointing oils, home products, and crystal body scrubs contain charged crystals that vibrate with the intention of that product, so you can begin your own little collection. I sometimes add one as a thank you to orders as guided by the spirits, as a treat.


6. Anointing Oils

Anointing oils are magical oils crafted for a specific purpose. There is a huge array of oils for any type of purpose. Anointing oils are used as a bath oil, in candles, to anointing objects on your altar, or to anoint doors and windows around your home. You can anoint anything with a special meaning to you. Some examples in my life, I anoint one of my business cards with my abundance oil to encourage business success. I anoint my dog’s collar with my protection oil to keep her safe. I anoint my bathroom mirror with my love oil to promote self love.

Anointing objects needs to be done periodically, so add this to another regular ritual, like a monthly moon ritual, to act as a reminder. Keep in mind, new moons are the beginning of new cycles, so manifestation should be your focus. Full moons are a time of release and harvest, so protection is ideal for this phase. My oils include a combination of carefully selected charged crystals, magical herbs, essential oils, and carrier oils with a specific intention in mind. I meditate then channel my light into every product.


7. Sprinkling Powders

Sprinkling powders are magical herb combinations that are ground into a powder, usually by hand using a mortar and pestle. They have many uses, combine them with your loose incense or resins to burn on charcoal, sprinkle them in the corners of your room or under the doormats, include them in a mojo bag, use some in your spiritual bath, or dust your body and belongings. Really, you can get very creative with these. Some people even add some to their pipes to smoke (be careful with this if you aren't familiar with the ingredients, some herbs used in spellwork can be toxic). Check out my selection of hand-ground sprinkling powders, I grind love and light energy into every small batch.


8. Candles

Candle magic is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cast a spell. Now, these aren’t just normal candles, they are crafted and lit with intention and purpose. The simplest way to do this when you’re just starting out is to use a fully dressed candle. This means there are magical oils included in the wax and herbs or sprinkling powders decorate the top. 

If you want a more DIY option, you’ll have to do a little research. Find a candle meant with your intention in mind or do some research on the appropriate color to use. Poke holes in the candle and put corresponding oils that meet your spell needs. The number of holes are usually chosen by the spirit number associated with your desire. Add the appropriate sprinkling powder or herbs to the top of the candle and set your intention. If using a plain candle, use a sharpie and write out your intentions or use sigils. 

See, a little more complicated, so if you’re new to this and looking to ease into candle magic, check out my selection of hand poured candles. I meditate then channel light energy into every product, so the work is done for you and a little of my magic is added to yours. Don’t worry, this doesn’t take away from your practice because you paid me for the candle and my work. Money is an energy exchange, so you gave me energy and I return it in a new form.


9. Floor washes and spiritual baths

Similar to spiritual colognes, floor washes and spiritual baths are used to cleanse your aura and can be used to mop and clean the surfaces in your home. These are specially designed for the bath and floors, however, so more potent than your cologne and water mixture. I stick to the spiritual cologne for my regular spiritual baths but do opt for a specially made spiritual bath or bath salt mixture for bigger ticket items, like spell breaking or a big new moon ritual. Try my bath teas and floor washes for this purpose. Just boil some water and steep the tea before use or add the teabag right to your bath water.


10. Oracle Cards

Not everyone is interested in tarot, especially when you're new on your journey. Learning the cards can take several weeks to months of practice. Not everyone is skilled at interpreting the cards on their own. A very simple way to connect to your guides without all the studying and flipping through guide books is to find an oracle deck that speaks to your soul. Again, support your local spiritual store if you can. I prefer in person when shopping for spiritual supplies. Sometimes you just need to see and feel the energy in person, but with the current circumstances, this isn't always available. If this isn’t possible in your area, Amazon has a huge collection of commercial decks. There are many beautiful artist made creations on Instagram and Etsy. The more personal, the better the energy, I find.

Look around and find one that has artwork or a topic that interests you. There are so many different types of themed decks, everything from pop culture to ancient Egypt. You’ll know when you found the right one. Begin by asking your guides what they want you to know or work on each morning and pull a single card. Take it a step further by meditating or journaling on the vibration and words of that card and how you can utilize the wisdom in your life. It will surprise you how quickly you’ll develop a relationship with your guides when you provide them with some extra tools for communication.


So that's it, my must haves for any spiritual practice. See what peaks your interest and try it out. Thanks so much for reading. Until next time!


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