December 2021 Astrology Rundown

December 2021 Astrology Rundown

Hello and welcome to the return of the This Heart’s Voyage astrology report! Let's take a look at the upcoming major transits this month:


Our first day of note in December is the 13th. On this day, we have Mercury moving into Capricorn as well as Mars making the switch over to Sagittarius. 

Mercury is the planet of communication and thought. In the sign of Capricorn, our thinking switches from the higher perspectives of Sagittarius to our legacy and social standing. Capricorn is often typecast as the most materialistic sign, and though Capricorns are concerned with status, the driving force behind this is a desire to build something long lasting and substantial with Saturn as their ruling planet. What type of legacy are you leaving behind? 

Mars is the planet of action and war. In the sign of Sagittarius, we see a driving force towards independence and education. This energy blends nicely with Mercury in Capricorn. A perfect time to not only evaluate and plan where you want to go in the future, Mars gives us the drive to pursue any education needed for this advancement in status. Focus your energy on personal development that can be used to better the whole. Being ruled by Jupiter, this transit is more about the joy of learning rather than tedious study, as we often see with Saturnian forces. A nice balance of hard work and fun.


On the 18th, we have the full moon in Gemini along with Chiron going direct and Venus beginning her retrograde just a few hours later on the 19th. 

This is a HUGE transit. The full moon brings a close in a cycle when it comes to communication, closing the circuit of eclipses that began with the Sagittarius full moon in May. The Gemini shadow side carries the energy of gossip and speaking more than we listen. A lot of energy behind starting new things, but rarely finishing them. This energy will bring some karma to those that have chosen to participate in smear campaigns, especially through social media, as Gemini also rules over technology. Timeline jumps despite them are sealed and signed off by your spirit team. Sometimes karma involves watching those you once targeted advancing in life without and in spite of you.

Retrogrades are a time when the energy of a planet that is usually directed outward turns inward. Chiron, often referred to as the wounded warrior, has been retrograde since July 15th and will go direct while Venus goes retrograde ON THE SAME DAY. Chiron is a comet that connects the inner planets to the outer. It works in our chart to reveal the wounds within us that keep us playing small and connect us to our vast potential if we were to address and work to heal our wounds. Chiron, after all, is a shaman, traversing between the physical and spiritual worlds. 

This retrograde handoff between Chiron and Venus is very significant, as we are taking the lessons we learned from our own personal healing and applying them now to our relationships. Venus retrograde is a time to slow down and evaluate not only our relationships, but also our financial health. Disagreements in our close relationships as well as old lovers returning are common themes for Venus retrogrades. Are your relationships supportive of your growth or do they hold you back? See how this can pull from the Capricorn Mercury energy? Venus is in Capricorn for this retrograde as well. Are your relationships supportive of the legacy you want to build for yourself? If not, it may be time for release. Financial opportunities could be impeded by this retrograde as well. It’s a time for reflection, so slow down and evaluate. This energy can be very beneficial to our growth when we flow with it rather than fight it.

Venus conjuncts with Pluto in December on the 11th and 25th this month, expect some towers when it comes to relationships and money, allow what wants to fall away to go and welcome in new transformative opportunities and relationships that manifest into the physical.


The last day of note for December is the 29th.

Jupiter makes the move into the sign of Pisces. The Sun will square Chiron while Mercury conjuncts with Venus on the same day.

Jupiter is the great benefic planet of joy and generosity. The move into Pisces will greatly benefit Pisces placements and those with a natal water Jupiter. Expect an increase in luck and joyful energy. Pisces is the sign of the mysterious, artistic dreamer and the subconscious. Much of the 12th house of Pisces is unknown, existing across the veil. Pisces requires us to see and feel into what exists beyond the physical. Unfortunately, Pisces are often so busy daydreaming, submerged in their inner worlds, we can struggle to set boundaries and take action in the physical world. This energy brings an increase in psychic abilities and the desire to extend generosity to others, luck follows these endeavors as well, but make sure to set firm boundaries to avoid over giving. Especially as Venus is retrograde. Relationship trouble and tough lessons in love are afoot.

The sun squaring with Chiron will cause a little friction between our need to heal inner wounds and our desire to be seen. There may be some revelations on this day that we have more work to do on the shadow self, especially when it comes to how we are perceived by others. Mercury also conjuncts with Venus on the 29th. Expect better communication in your relationships or sudden epiphanies when it comes to who and where we are investing our energy, including financial resources, into and how to make necessary adjustments accordingly.


Mercury then conjuncts with Pluto the following day on the 30th. Pay attention to what is revealed through communication or social media on the 29th, a tower in regards to love or money is sure to follow.


Have a wonderful holiday season everyone, whatever you may celebrate. Remember to flow with these incoming galactic energies, don’t fight them.

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