Eclipse Season and Energy Ascension Survival Tips

Eclipse Season and Energy Ascension Survival Tips

Aw, yeah. It’s that time of year again everyone, eclipse season. For those unfamiliar with eclipses and their influence, eclipses open a spiritual portal and can be used to fast track your manifestations. We get a few times a year when opportunities to make massive jumps to higher timelines present themselves, eclipses among the most powerful. These are exciting, yet draining times that encourage us to focus fully on what we want to manifest and take bold action towards our goals. The energies manifested by your actions during the eclipse will linger for the next 6 months, until the next eclipse season where you will see the results. So now we will begin to see our manifestations come into fruition from the summer eclipse season. And we should begin to plan our intentions for the summer months. 

So, this should be an exhilarating time, right? Well it is, but with any energy ascension period, it is exhausting and emotions will run high. Ascension portals literally open from the higher dimensions and shine light down onto earth. People tend to act a little crazy on the full moon, eclipses can bring those intense energies multiplied. So, here are my tips on how to maintain some sanity during these trying times.

Self care

Those that are energy sensitive can struggle to sleep during any significant moon phase, but especially eclipse season. During ascension periods, divine energy shines down and activates healing light codes within our DNA codes. Your body is working overtime to regenerate itself while you sleep. That with struggling to fall asleep in the first place can be exhausting. So I encourage you to be easy with yourself and listen to your body at this time. Take naps as needed. Take some spiritual baths to help cleanse your energy. Take a step back from draining relationships and situations. Put yourself and your needs first. Do try to be conscious of your spiritual practice during this time, but if you need rest, don’t push yourself to stay up late doing a ritual. Time is an illusion anyway.


Ascension periods are times of increased energies within the collective. Lunar eclipses especially can bring forth shadow sides of others. It’s easy to allow these outside energies to penetrate our aura as empaths. Take some time to slow down and reconnect with yourself through stillness. Do a mediation to cleanse your energy if you feel overwhelmed. When in a positive mindset, do a manifestation meditation. One of the simplest ways to find peace and guidance amongst the chaos is to mediate for at least 20 minutes a day. I really like to do this before I fall asleep or right after waking up in the morning. If you are struggling to sleep at night or if you find yourself awake at 3am, listen to a guided meditation to recenter yourself.  

Get clear on what you want to manifest

Now that our skin is clear from self care and that morning mediation has us unbothered, now we are centered and can set our intentions. This is important, never set your intentions from a place of lack. You’re doing a money manifesting spell because you’re anxious about making rent? You’re already putting the energy out there that you don’t believe you’ll have enough. I know it’s not easy, believe me I know, but the universe always responds to our energy. Don’t be making big requests of the universe from a place of lack. 

Come with a confidence that abundance is your right and it will come in the perfect time in the perfect way. Setting our manifestation intentions can be as easy as writing a letter or journal entry to spirit or as complicated as a 5 day intensive ritual. Do whatever feels good and right for you. But remember, write manifestations in present tense using positive words ONLY! Rather than write something like “I am debt free,” because debt is a word that has a negative association, try something like  “I make more than enough money to fund everything I want and need”.

Cleanse your energy

This is included in my self care, but I want to highlight that this is essential to the ascension process. You can only go as high as your vibration. Do a spiritual cleanse of your body and surroundings. Smudge, carry a mojo bag, take a spiritual bath, practice reiki, crystal healing, whatever makes you feel good and your energy light.

Clean up the diet

This is a part of raising our vibration and goes along with cleansing our energy. Everything in this world and beyond carries a vibration, including the food we eat. Now, I love Taco Bell as much as the next intellectual, but I think we can all agree that fast food doesn’t have the best quality ingredients. Also, keep in mind when eating meat that you are taking on the energy of that animal. That’s right, if they lived a miserable life in a cage and were slaughtered in fear, you take on that energy when eating the food. Don’t shame yourself too much for enjoying some turkey at Thanksgiving dinner, but do try to mix in some clean fruits and vegetables. Fasting is also a great way to cleanse our energy, but make sure you consult with your doctor beforehand. Try some herbal teas with magical ingredients like a mugwort tea. And as always, drink some water, girl!

Clean up your space

Think of this ascension portal as a moving notice. You’re moving on up to a higher timeline. Are there any items hanging around your space that drag you down? Or remind you of a person or time that brings up negative emotions? Get rid of it. Is it disorganized? Clean it. Bad, stagnant energy? You already know what to do.

Move your body

Take some time every day to connect to your physical body. Thank it for supporting you. Love it. Go on a walk or run around the neighborhood or in the forest. Do a little yoga flow in your living room. Dance wildly to a song that makes you feel good. Moving your body helps to integrate the new while removing stagnant energies from your body. 

Connect with nature

Spend some time with the animal and plant folk. They are our closest connection to mother earth and help to ground new energies into the physical. Sometimes when life feels really heavy for me, a simple walk through the park with my dog is the exact thing I need to rebalance my energies. If nothing else, cuddle with your pets and tell them you love them. 

Connect with your spirit team

Times of ascension are the absolute best time to refocus on your spiritual practice and connect with your team. I find the best way to develop a deeper connection with my spirit team is through study and following my intuition. By advancing my spiritual knowledge, I allow them to guide me on my path to enlightenment. By honoring my intuition and signs I receive from the universe, I actively show them I’m ready and willing to listen. Remember, they can only help as much as you’ll allow.

That’s it, friends. My absolute best tips for a successful ascension. Happy eclipse season, everyone!

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