January 2022 Astrology Rundown

January 2022 Astrology Rundown

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Welcome to the January 2022 astrology rundown! I know these tend to be about a week late, so I’ll cover the first week of February at the end as well. Let’s take a look at the transits of note this month:


Jan 9 - Mars opposition Lilith. Mercury sextile Chiron.

Today brings some interesting energy. Tension between the planet of war and Lilith, which rules over our primitive urges, vulnerabilities, and suppressed nature, can make things a little heavy. Mars represents pure masculine energy while Lilith, the dark feminine. When the two face off, things can get a little aggressive. Although Mars likes to think he’s always in charge, don’t our primitive urges take over more often than not? Lilith won’t be put in a corner!

Mercury, the planet of communication and thought forms a harmonious aspect with the wounded warrior on the same day. It’s a good day for some shadow work and introspection for sure! Slow down and think before acting if you’re feeling a little triggered. Mercury is in a good position for thinking things through today.


Jan 11 - Mars squares Neptune. Sun sextile Neptune.

Mars is at it again! On the 11th, Mars will square with Neptune as the Sun sextiles Neptune at the same time. Squares are a hot aspect, action is favored but tact is needed, as this surge of energy can easily become destructive. Neptune rules over Pisces, the spiritual dreamer. Neptune allows us to see across the veil, but the shadow side involves addictions, escapism, and illusions. Luckily, the sun, the planet of revelations, sextiles Neptune the same day. Expect a confusing situation to finally clear up and a clear way of action forward to be revealed. All’s well that ends well, right? Maybe not.


January 14 - Mercury retrograde begins. 

The planet ruling communication, short distance travel, and the internet will begin its backspin on the 14th. Not to worry, we have been in it’s shadow period for the last two weeks. Many fear mercury retrograde, but this is mostly due to media sensationalism. Expect travel delays, WIFI issues, miscommunications, exes or old acquaintances popping back up, and Facebook/Instagram may go down again for a day. Annoyances, but not the end of the world.


January 17 - Cancer full moon.

The mama of the zodiac finally has her full moon! Cancer is ruled by the moon, so expect THE FEELS today. Cancer rules over the 4th house, the bottom of our natal charts and therefore the foundations of our life. This sign represents the mother, domestication, and the home. Full moons represent the closing of cycles and a magical surge of moon power, spells are always most powerful on the full moon. Fertility spells, healing mother wounds, ancestral work with feminine figures, home or car cleansing/blessings are definitely favored with this moon. 

Our 4th house reveals significant information about the relationships with our mothers/maternal figures and the nurturing we received in childhood. Be gentle with yourself and others today. Sensitivity will be at an all time high. Also a good time to love on your mama or babies a little extra if you feel called to do so!


January 18 - Uranus direct. Sun trines north node. 

Uranus, the planet of electrical surges, innovation and forward thinking, ruler of Aquarius, has been retrograde since August 19th. When planets are retrograde, their usual outward influence is directed inwards. Restricted by the demands of others and society at large since mid August, we might have allowed the opinions of others to deter the pursuit of our true desires. The comfort zone won out, to our heart’s dismay. Well, a shift is coming and just in time for Aquarius season! Time to break free and march to the beat of our own drums again. Your quirky uniqueness is what makes you special and the more you express that genuine eccentricity, the more you’ll pull in your fellow weirdo tribe. We’ll feel more empowered to take risks on new ventures, denying the status quo for an authentic life.

The Sun will trine the north node on the same day. The Sun represents our soul in astrology and the north node, our destiny. Trines bring good luck and favor. I love this energy! We have to be our genuine selves in order to align with our soul and destined paths. Use this energy for your benefit! The stars support your inner weirdo, I promise. 


January 19 - Sun into Aquarius

The season of the rebel is here! Aquarians are the last air sign, ruling the 11th house of community, humanitarianism, and friendship. Aquarians are the sister signs of Leo and carry the same attention grabbing energy, although Aquarians express this in a more unconventional way. They’re outspoken and opinionated, interested in the future and the progression of humanity. Aquarians are often cool and detached. They’re individualistic and don’t mind shaking things up a bit. With their ruling planet now direct, we’re going to see a lot of people stepping out of their comfort zones and breaking free from the crowd mentality. I’m here for it!


January 24 - Mars moves to Capricorn

Although Mars is at home in the sign of Aries, it is exalted in the sign of Capricorn. This means it operates at its best here. The explosive planet of aggression and action is slowed down by the influence of Saturn. Capricorn rules the 10th house of social standing, career, and the father. Time to plan and make moves towards the legacy you’re looking to build. Mars is best used when making long term goals and working towards long lasting rewards, not impulsive and short sighted gains.


January 29 - Venus direct

The planet of love, relationships, and finances finally turns direct. She’s been retrograde since last month. Many revelations have been brought to light during her backspin. We have been presented with opportunities to set boundaries in our relationships and put ourselves first. Many one sided relationships saw their breaking point. Now that it’s business as usual, how will you apply these lessons going forward? There are powerful lessons in loss and betrayal. We know better now, so let’s choose better for ourselves.


Onto February:

February 1 - Aquarius new moon

A new cycle begins in regards to our individuality and how these attributes can be used to better the collective. This energy can be used to kick start a new chapter in how we identify ourselves, especially in regards to our social groups. We are shifting from the Capricorn influence of social standing into the independent thinking rebel. New moons are great for manifesting and beginning new ventures. Rejection of outworn social structures to better humanity are highly favored with this moon.


Thank you for your support! See you next month.

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