What Are Anointing Oils and How Do I Use Them?

What Are Anointing Oils and How Do I Use Them?


There are certain questions I am asked repeatedly by those new or expanding their individual practice. One of which, how exactly do I use the oils you offer? Anointing oils and ritual oils can be used interchangeably, but when we get down to technicalities, they do have differing purposes. Ritual oils are literally intended to be used in spell rituals while anointing oils are intended to anoint objects for specific purposes. So, yes, you can use anointing oils in ritual, but you can also use it to anoint your physical body each day for protection or insight. The same with a ritual oil, given the skin safety of the oil’s content. Many ritual oils may be crafted with the intention of use in candles only, so check the ingredients and intention or discuss with your practitioner.

My anointing oils can be used in both ritual and to anoint the body, with the exception of the Send that Shit Back Elixir (more info on that below). I anoint objects around my home, use them in spiritual baths, as a hair oil, and even as a cuticle oil.

Let’s get to my collection and their specific purposes. You can find a deeper look on their individual product pages, but here is a quick rundown:

Ancestor Werk Elixir - intended as an offering for the ancestors. It pulls in benefic ancestral spirits and brings them joy. It’s an essential  in my practice, I keep a candle anointed with this oil at all times on my altar. I don’t use it on my body, but that is an option if you want help from your loved ones on the other side.


Baby Makin’ Elixir - a womb support blend. It cleanses any energetic blockages that may be impacting your fertility. For the trying couple or even when you’re leaving a toxic relationship and want to clear out energy from your ex. Wombs are energy portals, you don’t want toxic energy interfering with your feminine power center. I have used this oil to anoint my abdomen and in clearing baths when removing energetic ties to former toxic relationships. Not for internal use (keep foreign stuff like this away from your vagine plz, your natural PH is too sacred).

Boss Up Elixir - for the entrepreneur that is looking for a competitive edge in their business. It clears the roads for your business success. Pull in inspiration and those looking to support your efforts. It wards against theft and scammers. In your office or even store, anoint your candles to pull in these business blessing benefits. 

Divine Feminine Elixir - honoring feminine energy. Open the heart chakra and solar plexus. to receive. Boosts creation energy. Assists in the removal of blockages impacting self worth, to allow for flow. Increase intuition and reception of spiritual messages. Great for the creative or person that struggles to accept assistance from others.

Divine Masculine Elixir - honors masculine energy. Increases confidence and drive. Courage and active energy to overcome obstacles. Supports grounding into the physical by balancing the root and sacral chakras. Wonderful if you lack direction and focus when it comes to making plans and sticking to them.

Evil Eye Elixir - wards against malefic energies from others. Protects your energy and manifestations from negative energies. Shields against gossip and slander. Assists in the recognition and removal of toxic close relationships impacting your manifestations.

Flushed with Cash Elixir - a money oil to assist in alignment with financial abundance. This is intended to remove energetic blockages that are holding up the flow of money in your life and keeping you in lack. Great for those that grew up in generational poverty and struggle with their money mentality.

Guardian Elixir - pulls in your spiritual team for assistance in your path. Helps with protection and alignment. Can be used as a general ritual anointing oil when working with a specific guide. I love this one when dealing with spiritual warfare. I keep it with me and reapply often when traveling or out and about. Keeps my angels and team close and in alignment. It lets them know I request their help and special attention.

High Vibin’ Elixir - raises your vibration to a higher timeline. Protects your aura from undesirable timelines and negative projections of others. Another great general oil for use in your practice. I add this one to the candles in my bathroom during my spiritual baths. It helps to raise the overall vibrations of my ritual and surroundings, so I can align with my highest timeline and pull in my manifestations faster. Another essential for me!

Readjust Your Crown Elixir - this is a crown chakra specific oil, for balancing and cleansing your crown. The crown chakra is responsible for our thought process and direct connection to source. When there are blockages, we can struggle with clarity and even experience symptoms of depression and hopelessness or loss of faith. This is one of the most commonly attacked chakras during spiritual warfare, especially for those with a higher calling. They want you disconnected from source and depressed. This one is made with light carrier oils and scalp friendly ingredients, I highly encourage the application directly to your crown or hair when experiencing any symptoms of blockages to your crown. 

Real Love Baby Elixir - my love drawing blend. Vibrate with love and attraction. Improves existing relationships and pulls in new soulful connections. Can improve and attract love in both romantic and platonic relationships. Encourages positive attention and loving connections with others. Be love and experience more love in your life.

Send that Sh*t Back Elixir - this is one oil I will call a ritual oil over anointing oil. I do not recommend this for use on skin or in baths. This is created to return malefic energies to the sender. Harsher ingredients that are not skin friendly. Good for removing the unwanted manifestations of bothersome individuals though! Great for reversal candles or rituals, this can transform any candle around your home into a reversal candle (I recommend for use in white, black, or red candles). Doing a lime cleanse? Cover the lime in this oil. Doing a limpia cleanse? Add a few drops to your water before disposal. Not necessarily damaging to the skin, but make sure you wash your hands after use.

Shaman’s Blend Elixir - this blend supports soul retrieval and overall good health. It is intended for those beginning their own shamanic work and need some energetic assistance to get on track. Full of beneficial roots to pull back your life force and missing soul shards. It supports your energetic body for emotional and physical balance during heavy shadow work periods.

Snake Charmer Elixir - find yourself being pulled into constant battles with narcissistic egos in your professional or personal life? This is your oil. Helps with supporting the confidence needed to stand your ground against these attacks. Supports an open throat chakra - speak your truth and direct your own narrative. Encourages recepivity of others, to hear and resonate with your point of view over the smear campaigns. Reveals the truth and removes jinxes impacting your relationships. 

Spell Breakin’ Elixir - as the name states, this blend is used to break any unwanted energies impacting your life. Spells are created through both intentional and unintentional rituals. From gossip to a desperate enemy seeking out a practitioner, remove those energies with this oil. This differs from the Send that Shit Back Elixir as it only removes spell work, does not return. Some just want peace, not war. I get it and here ya go!

Sturdy Roots Elixir - so many of us focus on the upper chakras on our spiritual journey and neglect our roots. This leads to an imbalanced physical reality while we pursue spiritual knowledge, creating chaos and loss of opportunities. This blend is designed to support grounding work. Feel safe and secure in your physical reality, as this is often the main blockage to our alignment with higher timelines.

Take Out the Trash Elixir - this is one of my personal favorites of my OG collection. This was designed with the intention to remove any unwanted karmic burdens and ties. It clear cuts unwanted cords to psychic parasites while warding against further attacks. If you often feel drained and experience one vampiric relationship after the other, this is a good oil to have in your arsenal.

My oils are handmade to order with natural ingredients. But natural doesn’t necessarily mean allergic reaction proof. Many essential oils cause irritation to sensitive skin. All essential oils used are diluted in carrier oils, but make sure you do a skin test before applying over a large surface area. Anointing can be done throughout your home even if your skin doesn’t like a particular oil. Anoint anything from your bathroom mirror to your wallet to vibrate with the oil’s intention. None of my oils are created or intended for internal use. Please do not ingest. Each is blessed and created with the intention to work with your specific energy and goal.

Thanks for reading!


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