Someone Did Magic on Me - What Should I Do?

Someone Did Magic on Me - What Should I Do?

*Let me begin this little lesson by stating, this is merely advice I would give and the actions I would take. This is not a one size meets all solution. It greatly varies by the type of magic, your connection to the person that is casting the magic, and your lifestyle. But these are my best pointers, should you find yourself in this situation and are seeking a jumping off point to begin your spiritual healing process.

Step 1: Can you identify who is doing the black magic against you?

This can be difficult, especially if you have multiple enemies or if this is an unknown third party. Best case scenario, it’s a third party with little connection to you. In this case, it will be pretty difficult for them to connect with your energy, but not impossible. Worst case scenario, this is a person that has access to your home. Common items used in negative spellwork are toenails, hair (head and body), used clothing, urine, menstrual blood, and sexual fluids. Has someone been to your home lately and had access to these items, like in your bathroom trash while pretending to use your bathroom? Additionally, items can be cursed and given as a gift. Has someone given you a gift recently that seemed to be the beginning of these unfortunate happenings? These are things to consider.

A common way a person that has done spellwork against us is exposed by spirit is during the dream state. You will begin having dreams of this person and they will take on a sinister energy and aura in the dream. You will feel fearful and uncomfortable with their presence in your dream. This is a clear sign work has been done against you by this particular person, especially if this is not a person you see often. 

Step 2: Cut the tie

If you can identify the source of the dark magic, you want to cut this person and all connection to them out of your life. Do not give them any opportunity to get back into your life. A person that resorts to magic to harm another person is not well mentally or spiritually and cannot be trusted. Ever. Delete them and all connections to this person from social media. Block all social accounts and their number. Create as much distance from this person as possible. Move, get a new job, relocate if you feel called to do so. If this person has caused physical harm to you or you believe you are in immediate danger, please seek help and consider a restraining order.

*If you're unable to find the exact person that did the work, you can still do all of the following steps. When casting a reversal spell, rather than use the name of the perpetrator, use something like the phrase "all known and unknown enemies".

Now that you have cut the physical tie, you must cut the soul tie that exists between you and this person, should you have had a close emotional relationship or engaged in any sexual relations. I make a soul tie cutting anointing oil that can be used in candle magic, spiritual baths, or anointing your body and possessions which aids in this process. I love spiritual baths for this purpose. This is my favorite technique:

Fill your tub full of water and light 4 tealights to place in all 4 corners of your tub. Preferably white or black tealights. I like to dress these with my reversing or soul tie cutting oil and banishing powder, but that is completely up to you! Add 3 palmfuls of pink himalayan salt and baking soda each (the salt can slightly sting if you have any open cuts). This is the minimum, but feel free to add any additional products, such as an anointing oil or spiritual cologne like Florida Water. Follow your intuition on this. Soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes while meditating. Try to visualize a string connecting you and the guilty person, then cut it. After the bath, air dry (that’s right, no towel, baby). 


Step 3: Remove the dark energy from your space.

After you cut the tie to this person, you want to cleanse your space of any lingering energies. Many dark spells require a person to bury an item on your property or sprinkle roots in your path. Because of this, cutting the tie is not enough, we must do a deep spiritual cleanse of our residence. Smudge your space with incense or sage, use Florida or Rue Water to dust and clean your floors, however your preferred method. Get rid of any item that was gifted or even connected to a memory with the dark person.


Step 4: Reversal 

When the energy of your space is clear, do a reversal spell. Reversals can be considered dark magic by some, because it is the handling of negative energy. I personally distinguish defensive magic from dark work. A reversal does not create dark energy or conjure dark spirits, it simply returns the preexisting dark work back to the sender, like karma but you take your protection into your own hands. Defensive magic is essential to your growth as a spiritual person, do not fret. Do make sure if directing a reversal spell to a particular person, they did indeed send negative energy or work your way, however. Evil eye is still dark energy, so they did not have to seek the help of a practitioner per se to be guilty.

I like to use prayer candles for reversals. A double or triple action candle will return any harvested light energy back to you as well as returning the dark magic to the sender. My return to sender candle is designed to do this as well as ward against future attacks. If you know the guilty party, do a petition with their full name, nicknames they commonly go by, and birthday (known as a name paper in the magical world), asking spirit to return the negative work back to this person. If unsure of the sender, ask spirit to direct the negative energy back to all known and unknown enemies.

Step 5: Bind and Banish

Now that you’ve cut the tie, cleared the energy, and reversed the magic, all that is left is to bind and banish the person. Binding prevents a person from doing further harm to themselves and others. Banishing blocks their ability to energetically interfere in your life. Both is best practice, as banishing must be done periodically if the person is unrelenting. Binding adds an extra layer of defense and helps others that this person may also be targeting (if they're willing to resort to hexing or cursing, you're likely not the only target). There are plenty of ways to do this and many resources can be found online or in magical books. I may do a future post on the best methods, if requested.

Step 6: Protect yourself from future attacks.

You really want to secure your home and physical body when you’re not in your home. Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of spiritual attacks are done on your home to bring discord or a lack of abundance amongst the residences. By taking the steps to protect your home, you create a light fortress and a little extra safety against spiritual attacks during sleep.

My favorite home securing method is to use a combination of spell breaking or protective herbs and black salt (also known as witch’s salt). I put a pinch of the salt and herbs in the 4 corners of my home. I then place a clear quartz on top of the combo. The salt and herb combination can be sprinkled under your door mats as well. Try my protection blend or make your own. Place a black tourmaline on top of the door frames of each door that leads outside to cleanse all that enter of any negative spiritual debris in their auras. 

It’s important to protect your aura when out in public. This can be done through protective crystals, essential oils, anointing oils, mojo bags or spiritual colognes. There are infinite possibilities. Use your intuition to find the best method for you.

It’s also important to be conscious of those you give access to your home and body in life. Don’t bring someone over to your home if you don’t know them and their intentions. It is unwise to engage in sexual relations with anyone you don’t know well and trust with your energy. Sex is the easiest and fastest way to create soul ties. Many energy vampires use sex for this reason and are very charming and skilled at hiding their dark nature. Be careful out there and always follow your intuition. If someone gives you a bad energy, trust that feeling and stay away!

Those are my best tips for overcoming dark spellwork sent your way. Be aware of your energy and don't give into fear. You'll overcome this and be stronger for it. Sending you love and healing!




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