Anubis Spirit Guide Prayer Candle

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Anubis/Anpu is a shaman and leader of souls into the underworld in ancient Egyption mythology. He facilitated the weighing of the hearts to determine the fate of each passing soul. Anubis comes to only the serious seekers. He leads you on an inner journey of the shadow self and the resulting enlightenment. This soy prayer candle is fully dressed with a specially crafted Anubis anointing oil and herbal blend for the highest vibration in Anubis' honor. Each candle is lightly fragranced with Egyptian amber and a bit of cinnamon essential oil. Best used when seeking spiritual wisdom and protection, to request Anubis' assistance in your journey.


13.5 oz net weight in glass container
8” tall x 2.5” diameter
Lightly fragranced soy wax
120 hour burn time