Business Blessing Kit

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New entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike occasionally can run into a slump or energetic blockages when it comes to the success of their business. This kit is everything you need to clear the energy of your space, call in the vibration of abundance and success, attract better business deals and partnerships, as well as pull in customer that will appreciate exactly what your goods or services have to offer. 


Included in this kit:

Better Business Prayer Candle - set your intention and burn

Business Blessing Incense with 10 Disk Quick Lite Charcoal Pack - cleanse any stagnant energy lingering in your business space

Business Blessing Floor Wash - add this tea to your mop water or cleansing solution and wipe down your physical work space or shop

Business Blessing Sprinkling Powder - sprinkle around your business to invite in financial increase and ward against theft

Business Blessing Mojo Bag - filled with roots and herbs designed to support your business' growth and success. Place within your store, work space, or hang at the front door of your shop. Add crystals, business cards, and even anointing with oil to kick up the spell.

Pyrite Crystal - place by your computer, cash register, keep in your pocket, or add to your mojo bag to vibrate with increased cash flow