Cast Your Wish Candle with Charged Green Aventurine

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Cast Your Wish Candle is a hand-poured, fixed soy candle. This candle is blended with my specifically crafted wishes anointing oil and topped with dandelion root, sage, and lavender. Each herb has been historically used in their own individual wish magick spells and work together to bring peace, clear negative energy, and pull in your heart's desire. The candle is finished with charged green adventure pieces to balance your heart space while pulling in new opportunities that align with your manifestations and lending some courage to go after those dreams. Write your petition and light to pull in your wishes.


These candles are scented with notes of bamboo, pineapple, and coconut. Bamboo is protective and used for good luck and wish magick. Pineapple is also known for granted good fortune. Coconut is provides protection, purification, and is a way opener. These three blend together to provide a pleasant aroma that bring good fortune to your household.


2" height
3" circumference
Approximate 24 hour burn time