Adjust Your Crown Elixir - Crown Chakra Anointing Oil

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The crown chakra connects us to our higher self as well as the upper spirit realms. It is also unfortunately one of the most vulnerable targets for spiritual warfare. As the chakra connected to our thoughts and consciousness, when unbalanced this can lead to a feeling of disconnection from others, our spirit team, and even ourselves. Adjust Your Crown Elixir (1oz) with howlite acts to rebalance and clear any crown chakra blockages. Wards against spiritual attack and assists in the connection to the upper spirit realms. Assists in clear thoughts, balanced emotions, and a healthy spiritual connection. Howlite works to calm the mind from any anxiety and provide clear focus. This blend is created with light oil base, including sweet almond and grapeseed, so it can be worn in the hair to protect your crown against spiritual attack.

I use an oil blend mindfully crafted for the highest vibration and strongest aura protection. This elixir is best if used within 12 months of purchase. Do not store in direct sunlight. Can be used in a spiritual bath, to anoint candles and altars before rituals, or applied directly to the body. Please, as with all essential oil blends, do a test patch on skin beforehand use to ensure no allergic reactions before use in bath or on skin.