Crystal Cauldron Keychain

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 An easy, portable way to add more magic to your life. The triple goddess is a symbol of the diving feminine and changing phases of our life, the life and death cycles. Choose your crystal healing properties:


Black Tourmaline - releases negative emotions, auric shield, and absorption of negative energy

Fluorite - peace, purification of energy, third eye stimulation, protection against spiritual attack

Green Aventurine - prosperity, attracts better opportunities, financial increase, protection from electromagnetic frequencies

Howlite - calms anxiety, stimulates the mind, and assists with concentration

Labradorite - enhances magical abilities, awakens psychic abilities, connection to the angelic realm

Lapis Lazuli - sacred to ancient Egypt, this crystal vibrates with royal recognition, heal and balance the throat and third eye chakras, assists in seeing and communicating the truth, energetic ascension 

Red Jasper - balances the root chakra for strength, stamina, focus, and overcoming difficulties with greater ease

Rhodonite - opens the heart chakra, heals emotional trauma, attracts divine love

Tiger's Eye - motivation, protection when traveling, courage to pursue your goals, grounds energy, stimulates creativity