Custom Tower Manifesting Tray with Bloodstone, Black Obsidian, and Cherry Quartz

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 The tower in tarot represents mar, the planet of aggression and war. The tower symbolizes a sudden shakeup. The false foundations in your life must collapse so you can build on stable ground. The tower often stoke fear, but change is inevitable in life. A little shakeup may be just the thing we need.

Bloodstone vibrates with mars and inspires courage and strength. It is a energizing crystal often used for grounding, healing, and motivation. Black obsidian is the great protector made from volcanic glass. It provides psychic protection and personal power. Cherry quartz vibrates with the root and sacral chakras, assisting with removing blockages and increases energy. 

Intended as a decor item. Hand wash and dry. Avoid extreme heat.


11.5" x 8"
.4" height
Silver leafing sides