Divine Feminine Elixir - Feminine Energy Support Anointing Oil

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Feminine energy is creative life force that flows through each of us. It is the artist and the muse. The energy that allows good things to flow naturally into our lives. It is our intuition and connection to source. Any moment that makes us stop and bask in the beauty of life was undoubtedly conceived with feminine energy. Without the feminine, our worlds lack beauty and color. Harness the power of your inner divine feminine energy with this magical elixir!

Divine Feminine Elixir is infused with charged Moonstone, Rose Quartz, and a feminine power herbal blend (1 oz). Moonstone heightens our intuition, promotes inner healing, and vibrates with the moon, the yin mother of the zodiac. Rose Quartz promotes loving relationships and opens our heart chakras to receive. This elixir is designed to pull in feminine energy from the higher realms. Allow more flow and beauty into your life. Strengthen your intuition and creative forces. Attract manifestations passively. 

I use an oil blend mindfully crafted for the highest vibration and most powerful feminine energy. This elixir is best if used within 12 months of purchase. Do not store in direct sunlight. Can be used in a spiritual bath, to anoint candles and altars before rituals, or applied directly to the body. Please, as with all essential oil blends, do a test patch on skin beforehand use to ensure no allergic reactions before use in bath or on skin.