Evil Eye Elixir - Evil Eye Warding Anointing Oil

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The evil eye is a dark energy that can be sent your way both consciously and unconsciously by an envious person. Many times it is those closest to us that are secretly hoping for our failure. This negative energy can manifest as stagnation, anxiety, procrastination, and lost opportunities when not addressed. Protect your manifestations and energy from both seen and unseen enemies with this elixir. This elixir contains an herbal and oil blend consciously crafted to protect and repel jealous energy. Charged Fluorite is also included in the mix due to it's mental strengthening and protective qualities. This elixir is designed for strength and clarity on your path, in spite of any opposition.


I use an oil blend mindfully crafted for the highest vibration and strongest evil eye protection. This anointing oil is best if used within 12 months of purchase. Do not store in direct sunlight. Can be used in a spiritual bath, to anoint candles and altars before rituals, or applied directly to skin or hair. Please, as with all essential oil blends, do a test patch on skin beforehand use to ensure no allergic reactions before use in bath or on skin. I will be happy to make adjustments for any known allergies or sensitivities.