Full Moon Magick Candle

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Full Moon Magick Candle is a hand-poured and fixed soy candle created for the closing of cycles, release, and magick spells enhancing with the flow of universal cycles. This candle is created with my specifically crafted full moon anointing oil and topped with mugwort and white willow pieces. Both roots vibrate with lunar energies. Mugwort is a protection and psychic power enhancing herb historically used to honor the lunar goddesses Diana and Artemis. White willow was once used to fashion magical wands specifically for moon magick. This wood is used for divination, healing, and protection from evil. Willow was historically used in the worship of Artemis, Hecate, and Persephone, to name a few. Honor your inner witch with this special candle. The witch's hat topper on this candle contains my specially crafted sacred space anointing oil, to purify the area in preparation of any full moon rituals.


This candle is scented with a sweet and earthy juniper, pine, and camphor scent. Camphor and pine are both used to cleanse a space from any lingering negative energy. Camphor is also sometimes used in divination. Juniper is a protective herb used to banish negative energy and hexes. These scents work together to provide the clearance for any releasing or magick ritual you have planned for the full moon.


3.5" height
2.75" circumference