Good Vibes Wood Wick Spell Candle

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A fully dressed, soy wood wick candle with combined with my protection anointing oil and banishing herb blend combined with a relaxing scent to set the mood. This candle is scented with a woody blend of sage, cedar, pine and juniper to provide a comforting aroma while the spell banishes any negative energy from your aura. Perfect for use after a breakup with your favorite toxic person or a draining day at work. Revitalize your energy while you relax and unwind!

This candle is topped with cedar pieces, lavender, and rue. Cedar is used to cleanse and create sacred spaces. It is associated with the sun and Archangel Michael. Lavender is used to purify and promotes strength. Rue is a banishing herb and is used to protect against the evil eye. The perfect combo for a deep aura cleanse. Also some purple sparkles for fun!


8 oz net weight in tin
2.5” tall x 3” diameter
Lightly fragranced soy wax
72 hour burn time