Home Blessing Prayer Candle

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Home Blessing Candle is a fixed and hand-poured soy candle, blended with my specially crafted house blessing anointing oil and infused with light energy. This candle is topped with herbs that vibrate with peace and banishing negative energy from your residence. The wax heart topper is blended with my Spell Breaker Elixir, to remove any lingering dark energy before the rest of the candle can get to work, warding against evil and emitting peaceful vibrations.


The energy of this candle is complimented with a warm Palo Santo inspired scent, which has been used for centuries to remove evil spirits, ward against misfortune, and purify the area.


14 oz net weight (397g) in glass container
8” tall x 2.5” diameter
Lightly fragranced soy wax
120 hour burn time