Love Drawing Wood Wick Spell Candle

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A fully dressed wood wick soy wax candle. Super Lovin' Kinda Mood is dressed with my Real Love Baby Elixir and special herbal blend with the added bonus of a warm, floral scent to put you in a loving type of mood. This candle has an aroma of rose, violet and sandalwood to provoke feelings of romance and self love while the spell pulls in your destined partner or works to repair existing relationships (including one with self). Perfect for a date night in or for that self care night you've been putting off. Indulge while pulling more soul level love into your life. You deserve it!

This candle is topped with peppermint leaf, heather and rose petals. Peppermint leaves are used for healing, attracting love, and promoting a change in energy. Heather attracts passionate love and encourages new beginnings. Rose petals are protective against the evil eye and remove negative energy around love. The perfect combo to transform a stagnant love life into one of passion and romance. I also added a little sparkle, just for you.


8 oz net weight in tin container
2.5” tall x 3” diameter
Lightly fragranced soy wax
72 hour burn time