Mercury Magic Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Soap

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Mercury is the speedy planet of thought and communication. Ruling over Gemini and Virgo, these signs are known for their wit and intelligence. Mercury helps us find success in both business and in our studies. Use the power of this planet to assist with your speaking power and clarity of thought. A special Mercury anointing oil and ingredients are blended into this scrub soap.

This scrub soap is fragranced with a mandarin and floral scent, to bring clarity and positive energy. Pink Himalayan salt is used for protection, relaxation, and for a boost of positive energy in spell work. Each scrub is topped with cornflower and calendula, for an uplifting and harmonious vibration. The full size scrub includes a charged howlite. Howlite is used to calm an overactive or anxious mind, one of the downfalls of Mercurian individuals.