Flushed with Cash Elixir - Money Drawing Anointing Oil

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Flushed with Ca$h Elixir infused with charged Citrine, real gold flakes, and a mindfully crafted high vibrational herb blend for manifesting abundance and success (1 oz). Matches your aura to the vibration of abundance and success. Promotes self confidence and strength when setting healthy boundaries. Clears the mind of lack mentality while inspiring creative action. Promotes positive thinking while grounding your energy into the physical world. Attracts prosperity while promoting generosity with others. Attract and maintain wealth. Removes money blockages. 

I use a blend mindfully crafted for the highest vibration. This elixir is best if used within 12 months of purchase. Do not store in direct sunlight. Can be used in a spiritual bath, to anoint candles and altars before manifesting ritual, or applied directly to the body. Please, as with all essential oil blends, do a test patch on skin beforehand use to ensure no allergic reactions.