New Moon Magick Candle

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New Moon Magick Candle is a hand-poured and fixed soy candle created for new beginnings and setting intentions with the flow of the universal cycles. This candle is created with my specifically crafted new moon anointing oil and topped with mugwort and poke root pieces. Both roots vibrate with lunar energies. Mugwort is a protection and psychic power enhancing herb historically used to honor the lunar goddesses Diana and Artemis. Poke root is used for courage and new moon rituals to break hexes. The moon topper on this candle contains my Take out the Trash anointing oil, to clear any unwanted attachments before your intentions are set.


This candle is scented with a heavenly lemon verbena scent. Lemon verbena is used in spell work to purify the area and strengthening spells, giving your new moon intentions the extra punch of power they deserve.


3.5" height
2.75" circumference