Double Action Return to Sender Prayer Candle

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This hand poured soy wax prayer candle is two candles in one; the white wax removes any lingering malefic magick and protects from any harmful energy sent your way. It is fixed with handcrafted clearing and protective ritual oils. The black portion of the candle is fully dressed with my Send That Sh*t Back Elixir to then return that unwanted energy back to the source.  This candle is topped with blessed roots that remove spell work and return to sender. 

This candle is intended for returning malefic spells or dark intentions back to a specific person or for a general clearing spell, sending it back to all that have intended harm. Set your intentions for the candle and burn. Perfect for a full moon, releasing, or protection ritual.

14 oz. net weight in glass container
8” tall x 2.5” diameter
Lightly fragranced soy wax
120 hour burn time