Soul Tie Cutting Gel Tea Light Pack

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Soul Tie Cutting Tea Light Pack includes 8 fixed gel candles and 6 fixed wax melts created with the intention of removing unwanted etheric cords of attachment. For use in ritual to remove karmic ties and energetic debris left by emotionally draining connections with others. These are fixed with with my Take out the Trash Elixir infused with charged Black Obsidian, to clear lower level soul ties and ward against further cording by vampiric individuals. 

These are scented with a patchouli and black pepper scent. Black pepper is a protective ingredient in spell work. Patchouli is ruled by the planets of Mars and Saturn, shielding against negative energy and cutting karmic ties.


8 fixed gel tea lights - 4.5 oz net wt (138g) | approximate 8 hour burn time each (64 hours total)

6 magick wax melts - .9 oz net wt (26g) | approximate 10 hour burn time