Study Roots Elixir - Root Chakra Anointing Oil

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Sturdy Roots Elixir (1oz) is a grounding and root chakra balancing magickal oil blend with charged garnet. For grounding your roots into the earth, providing support and sense of security. Not only does this elixir energetically cleanse the root chakra, so that a balanced journey into the upper chakras can occur, this elixir also wards against situations that would threaten our emotions needs required to feel balanced and rooted. Protects against poverty and disharmony in the home, moving us out of survival mode. Deflects bad luck in home and work, Encourages a healthy flow of finances into the home. Wards against others threatening your livelihood.  Garnet is a protective and grounding crystal, providing strength, courage, and clarity on our journey.

I use an oil blend mindfully crafted for the highest vibration and strongest aura protection. This elixir is best if used within 12 months of purchase. Do not store in direct sunlight. Can be used in a spiritual bath, to anoint candles and altars before rituals, or applied directly to the body. Please, as with all essential oil blends, do a test patch on skin beforehand use to ensure no allergic reactions before use in bath or on skin.